The company

Our company aims to market products in the field of acoustics, from sound to ultrasound through vibrations. It was founded by a senior associate professor with more than 30 years of experience and having worked and collaborated in Europe, the USA, Canada and Uruguay. His area of ​​expertise, laser optics and physical acoustics. He was the founder of a startup - SENSITIVE OBJECT - that was sold to an American electronics giant in 2010 for over sixty million US$.

The first product - TRAJECTO - is the result of his research developed over more than ten years. SUVA-TECH has taken and perfected it to make it a product accessible at a lower cost to all scientists and technicians in the noble sense of the word around the world.

The founders of SUVA-TECH are above all a bunch of friends, surrounded by highly motivated young people from the country. They are predominantly scientists and engineers from diverse backgrounds, artists, successful business creators and leaders who have worked across the globe. Their knowledge covers physics, electronics, biology, computer science, virology, pharmacology, artificial intelligence through ... photography.

The systems we market are not patented, but we rely on the quality of our products and our know-how to make the difference with the copies that our products will generate.


Trajecto is a scientific instrument intended to follow the flight of bats and determine their 3D trajectories in real time.

Currently, any construction of a road infrastructure, any change to a lighting system or even any installation of a new wind turbine requires an ecological impact study. Trajecto is designed to meet this need but also other scientific studies on the ecology of bats.

Compact and autonomous device for mapping in 2D the flight flow of bats


(on demand)

Low cost high frequency multichannel recorders

4 simultaneous channels 16 bits - up to 344 kHz

4 high-frequency microphones included

Recording software

Programmable in MATLABTM environment

(wired version and standalone version)

(< $1200 USD)

Examples of uses: multidirectional bat flow, multisite simultaneous recording, laboratory or school experiments, etc.

Example oF ecological impact studies

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